Who We Are

At Zamia Life we develop and manufacture nutritional supplements. While we all try to eat nourishing food, sometimes life gets in the way. Supplements can help fill in the gaps so that our muscles and brain get the ingredients they need to stay healthy. 

Three disciplines: singular performance

Our product designers draw from three traditions to craft the best formulas

  • Herbal medicine
  • Sports supplementation
  • Ayurveda

Immune support at the core


Straightforward, potent formulas

  • Many supplements have tens if not dozens of ingredients, many at very low levels.
  • A capsule stuffed with ingredients does not confer efficacy
  • All of our products contain only as many ingredients needed, typically less than five, making it straightforward to see what is in our product, and what its for

What's not in our supplements

  • What's not in a supplement is just as important as what is in the supplement. You won't find extra sugar in our supplements. We don't want to spike blood glucose. 
  • We haven't loaded our supplements with super-physiological doses of things. Sometimes when people design products for athletes, the goal is bigger, better, faster, more! That's a problem. It's swinging the pendulum the other direction. If you overload on too many antioxidants, you can shut down the healthy oxidation that needs to happen to fight off infection. 
  • Our goal is to get your body back in balance with the perfect blend of whole foods and antioxidants.

Free from...

Our supplements are also free from:

  • gluten 
  • animal products (our capsules are vegetarian)
  • magnesium stearate
  • unnecessary binders and fillers 
  • added sugar 
  • artificial sweeteners