Holistic Design

Named after a fern, Zamia embodies the essence of this beautiful plant. At its youngest, the fern represents purity and new life. As it grows, the fern represents endurance and resourcefulness. Our ancestors believed that ferns brought eternal youth, health, luck, and prosperity.

Our product team has decades of experience in herbal medicine, sports supplementation, immunology and Ayurveda. We draw from each of these traditions to create the most effective blended stack of herbs and supplements. 

Zamia products are designed not only help physical and mental performance but are balanced and healthy for the brain. We add no stimulants or sugars that can impact glucose levels.

The same nutrients that help athletes to improve performance, the very same foods that help athletes increase power or endurance, and decrease recovery time are those that have been shown to positively impact brain health. 

The philosophy is simple. We need to create convenient nutritional products with ingredients that stimulate both brain and body.  Not only will these products provide athletes with nutritious ingredients that maximize their performance, they will simultaneously enhance brain health.