Herbal Endurance

ENDURANCE FOR GENERATIONS - there are some herbs that have been part of diets of different populations of people that have helped them with endurance for generations. 

OXIDATIVE STRESS - Like all things, exercise has its pros and cons. On one hand, exercise strengthens muscle, bone, and increases longevity. However, exercise can also put a lot of stress on the body. Exercise leads to the development of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress (what is often called 'free radical' production) damages cells and doesn't let the body experience all of the benefits of exercise. In fact, oxidative stress can lead to aging and systemic disease.

The good news is that our body is already designed to counter the negative effects of exercise with food. 

ANTIOXIDANT BALANCE - that seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? Why would our body do something that hurts us? It wouldn't - not intentionally. Historically, we have balanced out the oxidative stress of exercise with food. When our diet was naturally diverse and nutrient rich, the ingredients in the food provided an 'antioxidant' balance for our exercise.

COPING WITH OXIDATIVE STRESS - Consuming a healthy, nutrient rich diet is a fantastic way to cope with oxidative stress. And for people who don't get much exercise, diet alone is enough. But what happens for those who get a lot of exercise? How can we use food to help increase endurance and reduce pain and fatigue in people who like to work out? 


This clever little herb grows in Asia, and has been used for thousands of years to promote energy and support stamina


This green super-food has gotten a lot of press. It's packed full of healthy ingredients, like vitamin B12, and the essential fatty acid called GLA. Yes, Spirulina is an algae, but don't let that scare you. It doesn't have a fishy flavor.


is a hearty herb that grows high in the mountains. Generations of people in Asia and Russia have used this herb for endurance †


When taken orally Nettle can help support joint heath and healthy breathing †






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Take one tablet twice daily with food

60 Vegetarian capsules (30 day supply)